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Three-Toed Amphiuma

Amphiuma tridactylum
Conservation Status: 
Least Concern
Southern United States
Slow-moving freshwater habitats
Three-toed Amphiumas are predators that live in slow-moving water.  They hide in vegetation during the day, then become active at night searching for prey.  They eat fish, worms, and other small animals.  Three-toed Amphiumas have electrical sensors around their face that let them detect electrical fields generated by their prey, letting them hunt in murky water and even in total darkness.
There are two other species of Amphiuma in the world: the Two-toed Amphiuma and the One-toed Amphiuma.
Even though Amphiuma live almost entirely underwater, they still have lungs and mostly get oxygen by breathing air.  They can also move from one body of water to another after a rainstorm.  This amphibious lifestyle has helped them to succeed in their marshy habitats.