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Society Finch

Lonchura striata domestica
Conservation Status: 
This domesticated bird is not evaluated by the IUCN Red List
No natural range
No specific natural habitat

Society Finches are a domesticated species, meaning there are significant genetic differences between these birds and their wild ancestors, the White-rumped Munia. The White-rumped Munias primarily feed on grass seeds. They have been observed supplementing their diet with freshwater algae.

These birds make a variety of songs, and their song-learning ability has been studied extensively, as have their social interactions.

The White-rumped Munia builds domed grass nests and lay 3 to 8 white eggs. Incubation lasts 16 days. The chicks are able to leave their nest at around 20 to 25 days after hatching.

The White-rumped Munia is tolerant of human activity, which may be part of why the species was domesticated. The species is considered Least Concern on the IUCN Red List due to its extensive range and stable population.