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Guinea Turaco

Tauraco persa
Conservation Status: 
Least Concern
West and Central Africa
Forest with plentiful, tall trees
Guinea turacos display green feathers on their front half, which gradually transition into purple on their wings and tails. They possess 15 red feathers on each wing, attributed to the presence of turacine, a pigment unique to turacos that consists of 9% copper by weight!
They possess semi-zygodactylous feet, allowing them to reposition their outer rear toes to either point forwards or backwards. By having three toes pointing forward, they can generate more thrust while running, while having two toes pointing forward aids in climbing. Juvenile birds also possess wing claws to assist them in climbing.
In flocks of up to 30 birds, Guinea turacos traverse their habitat. Their diet comprises fruits, blossoms, leaves, seeds, and invertebrates. Due to their messy eating habits, which scatter seeds, they play a crucial role in seed dispersal.